Masroor Sheidaei

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

From working & studying in software engineering in 1994, to launching the most equipped mixing & mastering studio, (A class analog hardware), in 2017, in Iran, is a long story to hear

Always Unique

In 2015, he started to participate in different MasterClasses of the greatest sound engineers that he admired the most. As a Puremix pro member, he joined online classes of Fab Dupont, one of the most successful sound engineers in music industry, focused on recording, mixing, mastering, and hours & hours of critical listening. This was quite something to begin with. Such a long journey to meet his greatest mentor, friend, and the legend of his young self, Al Shmitt! To him, Al is the greatest there is! He traveled to Avignon for 2 weeks to learn from Al in his masterclass in La Fabrique Studio, in 2016.

Always Remember

Find your true talents, chase them and never give up on your dreams. Dreams come true for those who believe in themselves!