About Me

From  working & studying in software engineering in 1994, to launching the most equipped mixing & mastering studio, (A class analog hardware), in 2017, in Iran, is a long, enjoyable and remarkable story to hear!
Masroor Sheidaei, is easily, one of the most dedicated sound engineers in music industry. He is known as the one who actually opened the closed door to meet and learn from the very bests of sound productions all around the world, in his country.  Though he was interested in the Sound itself from the beginning, but he also started his career as a classical guitar player! After he finished his BS in software engineering, with a deep knowledge in low level & hardware programming, he began to look for his main interest, exploring in arts and tasting different forms of the nature of the Sound! He is also interested in drawing art, oil painting, calligraphy art, photography, and even learning piano lessons and music theory beside his main concern. His expert in designing workflows and coding leaded him into a big, famous banking equipment & systems company in Iran with almost 1200 employees, which is his second interest as a Sales Director, aside from his music career. He designed many unique national projects & ran them himself for Iranian banking industry through the years.
Finally, in 2015, he started to participate in different MasterClasses of the greatest sound engineers that he admired the most. As a Puremix pro member, he joined online classes of Fab Dupont, one of the most successful sound engineers in music industry, focused on recording, mixing, mastering, and hours & hours of critical listening. This was quite something to begin with. Such a long journey to meet his greatest mentor, friend, and the legend of his young self, Al Schmitt! To him, Al is the greatest there is! He traveled to Avignon for 2 weeks to learn from 23 Grammy Award winner Al & his assistant Steve Genewick in his masterclass in La Fabrique Studio, in 2016. From then, he tried to reach his best with sharing his Ideas with different sound engineers and taking notes and feedbacks, for productions that he mixed or mastered. These are some of  masterclasses that he participated in:

2015-2017- Fab Dupont - Puremix Pro Member & Online Classes (Recording, Mixing, Mastering and hours & hours Critical Listening)
2015- Andrew Scheps Online Class (Mixing) 
2015- Friedemann Tischmeyer - Online (Mastering & Critical Listening)
2016- Al Schmitt Studio in La Fabrique Studio, Avignon (Mix With The Masters, Recording & Mixing)
2016- Luca Pretolesi, Online (EDM music Mixing & Mastering)
2018- Friedemann Tischmeyer in Mastering Academy, Hamburg (Pro Mastering techniques & Critical Listening) 
2019- Andrew Scheps & Greg Wells in Baggpipe Studio, Stockholm,
In 2017, he managed his own studio in Tehran. It is the first and the most well equipped studio in Iran called Masterpiece Studio (Shahkar Studio) with the excellent analog hardware that he liked and suggested from his mentors through the years of learning.
Till now, he cooperated as the mix man or mastering engineer with well-known singers, producers, players in Pop/Rock/Jazz genres in his country.

*Written By: Armin Morshed